Tuesday, 15 July 2014

8 Reasons To Eat More Avacados

Some weight loss experts have demonised avocados for being full of fat but these delicious fruits don’t deserve the bad rep they’re getting. Whilst they might have a high fat content and carry more calories than other fruits, they are incredibly good for you and can actually aid weight loss. Don’t believe us? Read on…
Feel fuller for longer
An American study has found that avocados make you feel fuller for longer, meaning that you won’t be tempted by that between meal snacking that is responsible for a lot of weight gain. Participants in the study who ate half an avocado with their lunch reported being 40% less hunger three hours after their meal, compared to those who ate lunch without it.
Fight cancer
Avocados contain a huge amount of antioxidants and phytochemicals which help fight cancer including beta carotene, alpha carotene, zeaxanthin, Vitamin E, Lutein and oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid which is particularly good at protecting against breast cancer.
Cut down on carbs
Carbs, as we all know, are a major factor of weight gain. Fats are more satiating than carbs, so, if you want to lose weight, you should replace any carbs you aren’t eating with fat to stop those hunger pangs. It’s crucial that this is healthy fat though, like that found in avocados.
Great for your brain
Avocados are full of oleic acid which maintains myelin, a crucial part of your brain and nervous system. This improves your brain function and can also help ward off dementia.
Lower cholesterol
That clever old oleic acid is also responsible for helping reduce cholesterol, which is one of the main risk factors for heart disease. A medical study of people with high cholesterol found that eating a diet high in monounsaturated fat from avocados for a week cut their cholesterol levels by 17%.
Forget going organic
We’re often told that we should eat organic fruit and vegetables as they’re safe from exposure to potentially dangerous pesticides, but the high price of organic food can be off putting. However, you can eat avocados without any worry about either as their thick skin means that the inner fruit is safe from contamination.
Protect against serious diseases
Avocados are full of potassium, which may help to keep your potassium to sodium ratio balanced. Imbalance in this area can lead to serious diseases including strokes, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, cataracts, erectile dysfunction and rheumatoid arthritis.
Improve your skin
Avocados contain a lot of vitamin A which helps purge your skin of dead cells and keep it looking young and glowing. They’re also full of antioxidants that fight free radicals that can damage and prematurely age your skin. And it’s not only good on the inside – you can give yourself a very cleansing facial by mixing mashed avocado with oats, applying it to your face, leaving for ten minutes, then washing off with warm water.
Mind The Munchies; Karen Dickinson

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